Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why and how did Tina make a stir in Westminster? The story of the labour activist

Tina is a Labour activist and active supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. I spent a whole yesterday afternoon with her on her happening in Westminster. The question was: Do we need to have a soldiers on the streets? She does blame Theresa May and Tories of the situation of today. Is your opinion a far cry from Tina´s or you just agree with her? If you would like to speak in the front of camera and be in my next reportage, just let me know - via facebook or on email:
With this lovely video I am launching a series of reportage about upcoming General elections.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Please don´t call me if is raining. Only when is sunny I am on the line... Indeed, I am based in London :-)

Happily managed my fresh washed clothes on the lines at our back yard and started enjoy one day of sun without rain cos weather forecast about next days was being almost continuously raining about. Great idea but big mistake. One hour later while I was working on my laptop I marked a tinny persistent tinny drumming. For first moment I did think it was music from my neighbour - but huge mistake. Then I literally take off from my seat and was running at back yard where was heavily raining. When I collected all clothes from a line I could discovered it was more wet then one hour before.
Great day started...

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Diana: London is as a cruise ship. Don´t waste your time with people you don´t like them

How to survive in London - an amazing interview with experienced adventures Italian woman who owned her own pizza business and as a musician she spent interesting time on the cruise ship. Now is a few years living in London and she does speak about her experiences and is giving to Londoners and newbies some tips for surviving in this big city with people of different countries.