Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Why seems to be an online shopping more creative then classical ´offline´ one? And where is ´the catch´?

Could be online shopping more inspirational then walking down the Oxford Street and enjoying hustle & bustle of the city during a real shopping? But what about the depressing crowds they don´t allow you move yourself for bloody one step without bumping into the someone other. On the other side of hand during online shopping you cannot use all your senses for trying out your favourite gift?

Friday, 25 November 2016

Could a magic Christmas dwarves make an European Union thanks to Brexit a better place for all of us?

Pretty cheesy and smarmy looking dwarves and elfish, wearing a stickers ´Merry Christmas´, big as such a normal small dog, surprised me at my last shopping in one of biggest supermarket store close my London´s home.  
I went to the store and wanted take a shopping basket and as usually continue into store shopping my normal weekly grocery stuff. But I was not able to continue in my path. I simply could not believe. There were standing lots of Christmas dwarves (according to long and pointed ears it was an Irish based dwarves - but I wont to say that directly cos it is probably not political correct to judge someone only by his exterior even should be a Christmas dwarves), staring at me - be fair - by very nice and friendly way, that´s truth, but...

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Don´t change your change for a chicken burger. You could look like a charity case... as me

Highly concentrated, as dealing with money does usually require, I was rummaging in my wallet to picking up change. Probably normally stuff but I did something wrong there  - I don´t know what. And that started a small crazy story.
Oh, maybe it took me a little bit more time then is usual and my business attracted attention of people around me in the fast food where I was standing in the front of cashier.
I had a great two ideas - the first one was: take something to nibble and the second one: one and rid off my wallet lots of change. For this reason I took a chicken burger for only 99 p which I usually don´t eat. But two great advantages: quick food in a busy day and make my wallet lighter.
I was almost done when suddenly some man next to me waiting for his food walked up and put on the desk one pound with a laugh and said: "Oh, just take it."