Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Muslims and Christians in wild debate about terror attack in Westminster - reportage from our video workshop in Hyde Park

Muslims and Christians in wild debate about terror attack in Westminster last Wednesday. We made a reportage in Hyde Park at Speaker´s Corner last Sunday, 4 days after attack. Thanks Shell for helping me with a reportage!:-)

The reportage was made on our last VIDEO REPORTAGE WORKSHOP in Hyde Park last Sunday I have already saved some time to finish editing the video :-O I hope it will be interesting to see people in not necessarily argue... it is quite sad for me to see them. But still happy that place like Hyde Park where is everyone allowed to keep free speeches about everything still exist!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

How you can enjoy the adventures with your camera on the London street? Join to us TODAY for FREE video reportage workshop at Hyde Park

The best ´taking practice´ with your camera (don´t matter you are taking pictures or making videos) is just going out and look around yourself to looking for some small stories, interesting people you can interview.
So this is also about our next - TODAY - workshop - we are going to Hyde Park to Speaker´s corner - the famous place where everyone is approved to keep free speech. It is the place where the democracy have its roots. So don´t miss it! We will take a pictures, videos, having a chat with people speaking there or we can interview just the people walking across the park or ourselves for taking a practice!

WHEN: TODAY, from 4.00 PM (the end will be around 4.50 - 5.00 pm)
Our meeting point: Hyde Park Speaker´s Corner, the gate next Marble Arch tube exit (Circle line). I will be there with my red coat :-) waiting for you!:-)

Friday, 24 March 2017

The day after terror attack in Westminster. What do the Londoners think and feel? Still drinking tea as usually?

I have set off to the Westminster this Thursday (23th of March 2017) -  one day after terror attack there. What do the Londoners thinks? What do they feel? Is always keeping famous British claim ´drinking tea is solution for everything´  still  ´in the game´?
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Monday, 20 March 2017

The Comedy Horn: How Stand up Comedy can make up your life?

How and why host and presenter Colleen started with this event and why stand up Comedians were falling in love with Stand up comedy you can watch in this video. Enjoy your time with Colleen, Amir, William, Steve and others in this reportage. 
Every third Thursday in a month you can enjoy great East End comedy night in The Horn of Plenty pub and do your gig as well. 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Edmund and his Stand up gig´s strategy: Impress women only in 5 minutes? Impossible!

Short reportage about Edmund West Stand up gig at the Horn Comedy what I recorded day before yesterday. Event host Colleen Campbell and Stand up Comedian Lee Patey also speaking in this video. 

More about my London Telly project you can find out:

Saturday, 11 March 2017

The mystery of the ´Over the Shoulder Shot´

Frequently used in films and TV series in the interview of two people. Indeed  – we speak about OSS which is short code for ´Over the Shoulder Shot´.
This shot is about we cannot see the person who ´someones´ is already talking to. We just can guess who is it. But only for a moment. Then the shot change its and we can see the other person. So why we use it? So should be said it is pretty nice compromise – when we need to have both people in one shot but concentrate just only on one of them. Obviously this shot of one person with a ´second – quite hidden person´is changes for the ´same shot´ – OSS but with the other person – previously hidden in OSS shot.
So just remember – in your screenplay the short code OSS does mean = We cannot see the second person, only part of it – usually ´the shoulder´ or piece of head, etc.
You can see that in your favourite film or TV series. Take small practice and notice them!

This is the classic one – one person is on shot with full faces – detail or (more usually) medium shot.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Is it or isn´t it a Bird angle? How to work with a different angles of the camera

Sometimes is everything about filming rules just a matter of the ´Point of view´. Let me show you some examples and tips:


Always it is about - who is the main actor in our shot - for example here... if will be on the left hand side standing actress, then it is about classical ´low angle´. We held the camera on the level of our waist. If is for us the main person on this picture the working cameraman, then our angle of camera is on the edge ´an eye angle´ with ´a bird angle´.